About Wimura

Founder Words

Everyone loves great discount, great offer, coupon voucher ... in which allow you to buy your favorite products at a lower price!

Image you can get a wow discount of Rm 1000 in buying Samsung Galaxy Note series, don't you feel excited?

I personally also enjoy great deals, but I always face the folloiwng problems

  • Miss the great deal, only know after expiry date
  • Over crowded shopping mall
  • Lack of parking
  • Long queing
  • Cannot enjoy the event because I need to take care of my children

Are you having the same shopping experience as mine?

That's why We Launch Wimura
Your in Hand Mobile Shopping Mall

Our aim is to invite various merchants and retailers, providing them a cost effecitve way to sell product online and launch time to time deals via reducing price or discount code.

As a smart consumer, you and I can have more fun and enjoy our deals, save more money and most important, save a great time to buy lovely product as discounted price, just at home ... using your mobile or PC.

Stay tuned with us, like our FB page, join our notification list and we'll send you update of discount offer, event, coupon code.

Happy saving and smart shopping,

John Liew

Wimura Founder