How to Configure Shipping/Delivery Cost?

Shipping rate is crucial to your business success, setup wrongly will impair your profitability. This article will show you how to configure the shipping rate correctly. It is advisible to test the shipping rate after the configuration.

1. Login to your seller account

2. Go to "Sales" >  "Shipping Methods > "Table Rate"

3. Click "Add Rate" to create new shipping rate

4. Enter the shipping information and click "Save Rate"

Shipping Information

  • State
    • For US address only
  • Country
    • Enter "Malaysia"
  • Post Code
    • Enter post code to identify the area coverage. You may use * to cover multiple code, for example 88* will include 88000 to 88999
  • Condition Name
    • Choose the shipping rate based calculation, i.e. "Weight" , "Price" or "Quantity"
  • Condition Value From & To
    • Enter the value from & to, for example you wish to charge $5 based on weight from 0.1 to 2.0 kg, the"From Value" is 0.1 and "To Value" is 2.0
  • Price
    • Enter your shipping rate
  • Delivery Type: Enter shipper name, for example Pos Laju